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Introduction:   The History Center is pleased to offer this service in furtherance of its preservation goals. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the History Center’s Club Storage Coordinator at (949) 206-0150 or via e-mail at

Benefits:  Eligible clubs are able to store club materials in the History Center’s climate-controlled archival space.

Eligibility: In order to qualify, clubs must be an approved Laguna Woods Village club and be a club patron of the History Center at a minimum $50 level. However, clubs may choose to support the History Center at the $100 or $300 level. Club items shall be removed by the club if their dues are not paid timely each year. Contributions are tax deductible and help preserve and share our local history. You can make this payment online.

What and How Much Can Be Stored? All stored items should be of historical significance to the club. The History Center is committed to preserving and sharing the history of Laguna Woods. As such, all stored items are available for public review at the History Center’s office. Therefore, if you choose to store sensitive financial information (i.e., tax returns, bank account numbers, etc.) be aware that viewing is allowed by anyone.
Clubs may contribute a maximum of one three-inch binder, or an equivalent sized container, each calendar year. Awards that have been presented to the club, rosters, and audio/video recordings of club functions may also be contributed if they comply with the size mentioned above. Limited space does not allow the storage of trophies, plaques, or other large items.
Clubs will be required to fill out paperwork in order to contribute or remove items from the archives. This will enable the History Center to appropriately track stored items and respond expediently to research requests.

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When may clubs access their stored items? Clubs may access their stored items during History Center’s Hours of Operation or by appointment

Do these Guidelines & Policy apply to items previously stored by clubs? Yes. All club items, regardless of when they were contributed, must comply with the Guidelines & Policy. Club items stored prior to June 9, 2008 are exempt from the three-inch annual size limit, provided that they are otherwise compliant.

What happens if a group does not meet the eligibility requirements? If your group is interested in storing items in the archives, but you do not meet the eligibility criteria listed in the Guidelines & Policy, please contact the Coordinator of Club Storage about gifting items to the History Center. However, gifted items must also comply with what, how much and size criteria above.

What happens if a club disbands? If a club disbands, certain items may continue to be stored in the archives if they are gifted to the Center and approved by the Coordinator of Club Storage.

Club Requisites: On an annual basis or when officers change, whichever comes first, each club president must submit a list of individuals who are authorized to remove and contribute material to the archives under this policy. Club presidents may add/change individuals on this list, throughout the year, with ten days written notice prior to their visit.
The current president of the club and officers, acting on behalf of the club shall agree to abide by these Guidelines & Policy in their entirety. Said officers also agree that it is their responsibility to communicate this information to the board of directors and members of their club. Further, that there are no limitations on the History Center’s ability to reproduce items stored at their premises by the club, including but not limited to, scanning and publishing documents, photographs, etc. on the History Center’s website for access by residents and the general public. These rights shall extend to the History Center in perpetuity, regardless of whether or not the club continues to participate in the History Center’s storage program or removes items from the archives. Stored items are not treated as confidential and no party will be prohibited from viewing or reproducing them.
Rev. 1/15/16

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