Community Oral History Project

Past President of the Southwest Oral History Association and California Delegate

Community Oral History Project

The Laguna Woods History Center has an ongoing project to interview community leaders in order to document their story and preserve our heritage. Please contact us and let us know if you would like to participate.

Jennifer and Cindy Keil (shown here) of 70 Degrees designed this History Center website and are also spearheading the oral history project. They have over a decade of interview experience.

Each candidate for this project is selected by LWHC for their early history and major contributions to the community. They provide varied perspectives of life in Leisure World which was incorporated into Laguna Woods in 1999.  Each oral history has a verbatim transcript, recording log, and video. These interviews are indexed with OHMS: Oral History Metadata Synchronizer. Use the links below to use the text searchable oral history interface with interview segment titles.

OH01_Morris Meadow_Video

OH01_Morris Meadow_Recording Log

OH01_Morris Meadow_Transcript

OH01_Morris Meadow_OHMS

OH02_Evelyn Shopp Video

OH02_Evelyn Shopp Transcript

OH02 Evelyn Shopp Recording Log

OH02_Evelyn Shopp OHMS
OH 03 Bob Ring Video

OH 03_Bob Ring Transcript

OH03_Bob Ring_Recording Log

OH 03 Bob Ring OMHS

OH 04 Robert Merritt Video

OH 04_Rob Merritt_Transcript

OH 04_Rob Merritt_Recording Log

OH 04 Robert Merritt OHMS
OH 05 Myra Neben Video

OH 05 Myra Neben Transcript

OH 05 Myra Neben Recording Log

OH 05 Myra Neben OHMS

OH 06 Lee Bevilacqua Video

OH 06 Lee Bevilacqua Transcript

OH 06 Lee Bevilacqua Recording Log

OH 06 Lee Bevilacqua OHMS

OH o7 Joan Long Video

OH 07 Joan Long Transcript

OH 07 Joan Long Recording Log

OH 07 Joan Long OHMS

Oral History Project Interviews with a Transcript Only:

OH 08 Fran Lindberg Transcript

James Thorpe Video

OH 09 James Thorpe Transcript

OH 09 James Thorpe Recording Log

Maxine McIntosh Video

OH 10 Maxine McIntosh Transcript

Maxine McIntosh Recording Log