Chicago Club Travel Show, visited the Laguna Woods History Center on March 28th, 2022 with Dorothy Pacella and Bill Hoffman filmed by Carmen Pacella. Travel back in time via this tour of the Laguna Woods History Center with the Chicago Club Travel Show as broadcast on Village TV. [01:16:35 minutes]

Discovering Laguna Woods for January 2017 [29:34 minutes]

Cyndee Whitney hosts Discovering Laguna Woods for the January 2017 show. Dean Dixon, the LWHC’s President, shares about the organization.

Birth of a City [1:27:35 minutes]

Interviews, by Myra Neben former editor of The Laguna Woods Globe, of several people involved in the successful incorporation of the City of Laguna Woods.

25th Anniversary Leisure World Story [42:17 minutes]

Watch 25th Anniversary of Leisure World® Laguna Hills, now known as Laguna Woods Village. This video uses the audio track and slides from the 35mm slide show produced by the Laguna Hills Camera Club in 1989. Some pictures and captions have been added to add clarity.

Nellie Gail Moulton’s Life in Orange County [43:04 minutes]

Watch “My Life In Orange County”. Born December 1878 in Irving, Kansas, Nellie Maud Gail spent her life in several of the states. In Washington, she became a school teacher, but she often visited Southern California, where her father was a store keeper in El Toro. Nellie was initially not fond of Southern California. Coming from Washington, where the plant life remains lusciously green throughout the year, the brown, desert grass was distasteful. She was heard saying, “You couldn’t even give me this land!” But she would later eat her words when she met the recently divorced Louis Moulton, one of Orange County’s most eligible bachelors. This video tells the ‘rest of the story’.

1972 Leisure World [24:22 minutes]

Watch a historical story of Leisure World® (a registered trademark of RRLH, Inc.), now known as Laguna Woods Village. This 35mm slide show, produced in 1972-79 for the Historical Society of Laguna Woods, remains unchanged. The narrative is essentially that which was used from 1972 to 1981; minor changes have been made to add clarity.