Fulfilling Retirement Dreams

Fulfilling Retirement Dreams: The First 25 Years of Leisure World, Laguna Hills
by Dr. Tracy E. Strevey and Associates
Published in 1989 by The Leisure World Historical Society of Laguna Hills, California
“Fulfilling Retirement Dreams was written to serve four needs;
1) To provide history as a record of the past and as a guide to
the future — especially for the residents of Leisure World, but for
all interested people,
2) To help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Leisure World,
Laguna Hills, California — recognized as the largest self-governed
retirement community in the world,
3) To help people everywhere, whether still at work or already
retired, as they seek new ways to fulfill retirement dreams,
4) To better achieve effective communication with the world around us and to thus better assure the inflow of residents of the same high quality as those who have already made Leisure World what it has been and is today. Completing this book has involved a large number of people but
in one way or another has revolved around the editor-in-chief. Dr. Tracy E. Strevey. Dr. Strevey’s credentials include twenty-five years of teaching history at the Universities of Chicago, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Southern California. His credentials additionally include twenty years in academic administration as VicePresident and D ean at the University of Southern California and Haile Selassie University in Ethiopia. The Leisure World Historical Society of Laguna Hills, California, is pleased to have the assistance of the Glendale Federal Savings and Loan Association in sponsoring this book celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Leisure World.”

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