Tree Guides

Pictured at left are Pat Wilkinson (left) and Jean Lustig (right), creators of the Laguna Woods Village Tree Guides, at Arbor Day 2019.

The Laguna Woods History Center hopes you enjoy this Aliso Creek Tree GuideFriendship Walk Tree Guide, and the Serpentine Tree Walk Guide. The tree walk planning & research was conducted by Jean Lustig. The photography & booklet were created by Pat Wilkinson. The 11×17″ set-up can print to 8.5 x 11″ paper by checking off the “fit to page” option in your printer set-up.

To download the tree guide .mp4 videos, click here.







Aliso Creek Tree Walk Video

This is a video adaptation of the Aliso Creek Tree Walk. The printed Tree Guide is available at the Laguna Woods History Center. Thanks to Jean for all the help she gave in putting this together. Enjoy the beauty of our precious trees.

Friendship Tree Walk Video

Friendship Tree Walk Guide is the first of Laguna Woods Village Vintage Walks, established in 1966. We hope that you will enjoy taking the walk through this video guide, and then perhaps picking up a printed Guide at the History Center.

Serpentine Tree Walk Video

Laguna Woods Village now has three Tree Walk Guides thanks to the History Center and the Village. The Serpentine Walk was established in the late ’60’s and is the third of the Village Vintage Walks. We hope that you will enjoy taking the walk through this video guide and perhaps picking up a printed guide at the History Center. Thanks for watching.

Laguna Woods Village Tree Walk Guides

This is the combination of the three Laguna Woods Tree Guides presented by the History Center and produced by Jean Lustig and Pat Wilkinson over the last year. We hope you will enjoy traveling the beautiful walking paths we have here in the Village.